Field Intelligence

Intellexa offers a variety of solutions for the field intelligence teams that enable maximal operational flexibility while minimizing the risk of exposure.

Our comprehensive solutions empower the field operations teams, with a wide variety of field and cyber collection systems as well as powerful analytics capabilities and local access to strategic intelligence.

The solution supports the entire field intelligence process – detection, location, interception, infection and analytics.

AlphaSpear 360 – ALL-IN-ONE Field Intelligence Platform

An end-to-end Field Intelligence solution, mounted on a covert mission vehicle.

Enables maximal operational flexibility with long operational times, 360° coverage and long interception ranges. Includes a multi-sensor SpearHead WIFi interception system as well as an Alpha Max native 3G/4G Interception system. AlphaSprear 360 also includes multiple infection and data extraction systems to support parallel interception and infection of multiple device types. AlphaSpear 360 enables the field operations teams to access strategic intelligence in order to achieve comprehensive profiling and ensure that the operations are successful.

Alpha – 2G/3G/4G Interception

Tactical voice and data interception from mobile phones is one of the major current challenge for law enforcement agencies. Intellxa offers a complete range of products able to catch, intercept and manipulate smartphones. From 2G to 4G, passively or actively, we design and customize each one of our solutions for our customers.

SpearHead – Long Range WIFI Interception

SpearHead is a WiFi Interception system that utilizes a unique patented WiFi beamforming technology to enable detection, location, interception (MitM) and infection of target devices over WiFi, from operational ranges of hundreds of meters. The SpearHead product family includes an all-in-one backpack, a vehicle-mounted solution and an airborne solution, especially designed to perform WiFi interception and infection from a drone.

Cyber Intelligence

Cyber Intelligence

Our cyber intelligence systems provide multiple solutions for a variety of OSs and devices. Our cyber intelligence solutions are tightly integrated with both our field and our network intelligence systems.


Virtual HUMINT

Our cutting edge Avatar Management platform enhances its users to effectively carry out Virtual HUMINT operations throughout the surface and deep web using a full Desktop & Mobile solution, while maintaining the highest levels of operational security.

Network Intelligence

Intellexa offers a variety of network intelligence solutions that enable covert mass collection and analysis of data from a variety of sources – cellular network switches, SS7, and open sources.

Switch-Based IP & Lawful Interception Solution

Our portfolio of switch-based solutions includes a high capacity, nation-wide IP probe for Internet interception, designed to efficiently analyze very high datarate networks.

Our solution for Lawful Intercept has been designed to answer all of the operational problems of police officers during any investigation. The solution is compliant with international ETSI standards, and is able to support any 2G, 3G, 4G (VOLTE) networks


OSINT Solution

Our strategic OSINT solution supports the end-to-end open source intelligence process, from covert mass collection of huge amounts of data, through target profiling to advanced analytics and reporting.

SS7-Based Solution

Our SS7-based portfolio includes a strategic Geo-Intelligence (GEOINT) solution to provide accurate location in a cost effective and an easy-to-operate manner. Our portfolio also includes a targeted Voice and CDR interception solution.


InSight – Cyber Content and Field Meta-Data Analysis

The InSight analytics system fuses all field intelligence meta-data and cyber intelligence content, as well as other data sources, to highlight and identify suspicious activity, important events and analyze suspects’ relationships and communications. The system can provide in-depth operational understanding in near-real-time to the field operations teams.

Cerebro – Data Fusion and Big-Data Analysis

With more than 15-year expertise, Cerebro offers a full range of capacity for big data analytics. Analyze billions of events, merge data from heterogeneous sources, reveal weak signals and understand the digital behavior of a target are some of the numerous features of Cerebro Analytics Center. It’s composed of modules like Analytics, Profile, Relational and Predictive.



OverSight – Monitoring and Control

The OverSight system provides real time comprehensive view of collected intelligence from various sources. The system  allows for more effective operation management by allows the operators to control all available intelligence gathering tools from a single, unified dashboard. By allowing centralized control, alongside presentation of key intelligence and insights the overall operational effectiveness is significantly increased.