Pandemic Monitoring Center

Unifying multiple premium data sources with Big Data analysis and advanced visualization for real-time tracking Pandemic spread

The Pandemic Monitoring Center by Intellexa is designed to monitor and control a pandemic spread, it provides insights based on big-data analysis from multiple sources.

It combines Mass-location collection and an open source Social Media collection system (OSINT) with an API to customer’s relevant databases. The Pandemic Monitoring Center (PMC) identifies infected persons locations, as well as the people who were in close proximity and might also be infected. The PMC enables the Operator to monitor persons under quarantine and alerts violations.

The system provides tools for analyzing a pandemic spread incorporating several data sources and analytical systems:

  1. Mass Subjects Locations Analysis – provide automated Geo-data analysis from various Mass Geo-location collection and processing systems, including governmental Median Server. The processed data can retrieve historical highly accurate location data of all mobile subscribers in the country and perform the MSL analysis

  2. Open Source and Social Media Analysis – where most physical communication is limited, Intellexa’s OSINT solution collects and analyzes online activity, based upon geographical limitations and subject.

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