Intelligence Solutions

Best of Breed end-to-end technological solutions

Intellexa is an alliance of intelligence system providers, offering an end-to-end solution for law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Intellexa provides a comprehensive portfolio of premium, best of breed intelligence products that are tightly integrated to provide a unique synergetic function.
From Nation-wide Mass targets collection to Targeted operations, Intellexa provides a technological solution to detect, locate, collect, and analyze information. Our solution includes:

  • InSight Investigation – InSight is Intellexa’s Data Fusion and Analytics platform designed to extract meaningful intelligence items out of terabytes of collected cyber intelligence data and fuse it with other data sources such as field intelligence meta-data, OSINT and network-based big data. Using advanced analytics algorithms InSight identifies suspicious activity, highlights and alerts important events and analyzes suspects’ relationships and communication patterns

  • OSINT – Our strategic OSINT solution supports the end-to-end open source intelligence process, from covert mass collection of large amounts of data, to target profiling, to advanced analytics and reporting.

  • Field Intelligence – Intellexa offers a variety of solutions for the field intelligence teams that enable maximum operational flexibility whilst minimizing the risk of exposure. Our comprehensive solutions empower the field operations teams, with a wide variety of cyber collection systems, enabling intelligence teams to access target devices and networks using long range WiFi interception and native GSM, UMTS & LTE interception. To maximize operational flexibility and minimize the risk of exposure, the field intelligence portfolio is offered on a variety of platforms – a premium covert vehicle, portable backpacks, as well as an airborne (drone or helicopter) installation.

  • Active Cyber Intelligence – Active cyber solutions for wide range of operational use cases.

  • Network Intelligence – a variety of remote intelligence collection and production solutions. These include high capacity IP traffic monitoring and interception, and a remote location system to pinpoint targets past, and current, locations.


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