Cyber Defense

Tailored Cyber defense projects at Country level, providing awareness for cyber threats on National Infrastructure

Intellexa’s Cyber Unit is a leading Information Security Services provider offering a full range of Tailor-made and turnkey projects including Consulting, Research, Training and Customized technological products, to Governments, Corporations and Enterprises worldwide.

Intellexa provides state-of-the-art methodologies by a world-class multi-disciplinary cyber expert Team, with real life hands-on experience and practical know-how. With proven success in delivering integrated cyber solutions to the private and public sectors, and based on our attacker oriented approach, Intellexa enables our clients to protect their critical assets by providing end to end solutions.

Our methodology includes a comprehensive understanding of business processes, identifying an organization’s critical and strategic assets, supply chain, HR and physical security – All from the standpoint of potential hackers and attackers, in order to provide your organization with an optimized defense.

Intellexa’s staff and consultants have vast experience in providing a full range of information security services ranging from security methodology, procedures, intrusion detection and prevention, incident handling, computer forensics, regulatory compliance, penetration testing as well as application assessments. Our professional team provide industry-leading expertise to help organizations meet their evolving information security needs.

Intellexa Consortium is well positioned to help organizations establish the correct strategies to arm themselves against the ever-growing and ever-present cyber threat.


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